Eleuthera Adventure Tour

In search of the western world, English adventures settled on the Island of Eleuthera in 1648. "Eleuthera" is a derivative of the Greek word for "Freedom". You can become an adventurer as you explore historical sites and sheltered coves ,pineapple plantations, dramatic cliffs , boiling holes,Preachers Cave ,plantation ruins , settelments, magnificent pink-white beaches, the famouse Glass Window and more. The Atlantic waves provide some of the best surfing on th island. View a beautiful island just a ferry ride across incredible blue-green waters.

Discover Eleuthera Tour

Long and Narrow , Eleuthera is made up of many settlments from Spanish Wells in the North to Bannerman Town in the South. One such settlement is Govenor's Harbour , name after the Adventurous leader , Governer William Sayles . There you will find a mixture of the old and new ways of island life . Eleuthera offers resort hotels , thatched huts , tiny cottages , pastel houses , airports ,harbours , shopping centers and exotic night life to a quite afternoon . Visit native settelments , Ocean Holes and more . Drice along miles of beautiful white sandy beaches en route to one of the island's most beautiful resort hotels . Luxuriate on a sun-drenched beach cooled by soft zephyr breezes and embraced by glistening turquoise waters .

Native Experience Tour

Drive along miles of beautiful beaches , and native villages en route to the island's busy shopping areas . Experience a whole new atmosphere by browsing through our open-air fruit market , straw market , shopping centers , liquor outlets and much more . Relax and enjoy a native lunch at one of the island's fine restaurants.

Harbour Island Day Trip

Tour ten or more sttlements en route to Harbour Island just two miles across the bay by ferry . Here you will find Dunmore Town, centre with its pink/yellow and white colonial style cottages, and its world famous pink sand beaches. Harbour Island is especially noted for its old world charm. Enjoy 1½ square miles of magnificent beauty. Tour includes:- a welcome drink, tour of harbour island, launch and ample time for shopping and leisure pursuits.

Spanish Wells Day Trip

A short ferry ride from northern Eleuthera to the coast of northwestern Eleuthera reveal the settlement of Spanish WellS, on St. George's Cay, known for their expert seamen and beautiful beaches. The towns were named after Spanish galleons of the 17th century. Colourful houses, narrow streets, hotels and cottages still reflect much of its old world charm. Tour includes:-A welcome drink, Tour of Spanish Wells, lunch and time for shopping and leisure pursuits.

Pirates's Beach Party

Follow the footsteps of the English Adventures to a beautiful sandy beach with incredibly blue-green waters. On arrival enjoy the ONE HOUR open bar-highball, rum punch, sodas and Conch fritters, a Bahamian hors d'oeuvre served during the open bar. ACTIVITIES: Starts after the ONE HOUR of open bar. A beer drinking contest, Egg tossing contest, Limbo dancing contest, Bahamian crab race, Raffle, Carribbean dance contest, the Twist dance contest, The chicken dance contest, Musical Chairs (for ladies only) Volleyballs are available for all interested persons. The winners will recieve a prize. Swimming and Snorkeling Equipment is provided. DINNER ( BUFFET STYLE): Dinner is served between games, at 4:00 p.m. summer time and 3:00 p.m. winter time, weather permitting. Raffle tickets received at the entrance will be collected at the buffet line. MENUE: Salads- Cut green beans, whole kernel corn, lettuce and tomatoes, potato salad, cole slaw, salad dressing ( Your choice) Corn-on-the-cob, peas and rice, macaroni and cheese,fried chicken,barbecue ribs, cracked conch, bread (rolls), butter and more. serving time - 1 hour depending on the number of people. Dance to calypso music, or just relax as you watch a beautiful Bahamian sunset. Transportation is provided. A must on your list!

Moonlight Buffet

Enjoy a relaxing evening at a beach club around a bonfire , under a beautiful Bahamian Moonlight . Dance to Island Music , while dinning from an open buffet , MENU : Green Salad , vegatables , peas and rice , baked potatoes , bread and butter , barbecue chicken , fish cooked in gravey , fried conch , lobster tails and a glass of wine , coffe and fresh fruit. Roast Marshmellows around the bonfire , while you enjoy company of close friends . This is one night of many to remember!

Snorkel and Lunch Cruise

Find yourself Snorkeling at a beautiful coral reef , while you swim and snorkel in beautiful azure waters , then on to a deserted beach for games of volleyball , shell hunting , Calypso Music and sun bathing . Enjoy a lunch of hamburgers conch burgers ,hotdogs and unlimited Bahama Mamas _ Equipment is provided.

Snorkel Cruise (Only)

Sail the crystal clear waters to a fabulous coral reef . Swim among tropical fish . Snorkel and see the beauty of the under water "Sea World" . After Snorkeling enjoy complimentary beverages . Equipment is provided.

Wine and Cheese Cruise

Enjoy a beautiful Bahamin Sunset while dancing to Bahamian Calypso Music and cruising the Island's Shores. Unlimited Wine , Cheese and snack platters . Aloha !

Booze Cruise

An evening of fun , party music and all you can drink , Bon voyage !

Deep Sea Fishing

Feel the excitment of reeling in tuna , Wahoo , Marlin or Barracuda , ect. And experience the true joy of a deep sea fisherman . . . Bait and equipment provided.

Horse Back Riding

Ride the wind as you gallop along a beautiful , white sandy beach with all the space you need to roam. Your choice of English or Western saddle , no experience needed . Reservations required.


View the Island as you climb to your highest point . Parasailing gives you that exhilerating feeling of freedom as you soar through the sky like an eagle .


Experience an overnight stay in Nassau , the Capital of the Bahamas , on the island of New Providence. While there , enjoy a tour of Nassau and Paradise Island with it's rich colonial history .
Visit Sea World , gamble in the Casinos , walk on white sandy beaches , experience the nightlife , shop on Bay Street , where people can still be seen traveling down narrow streets in hores-drawn surreys , straw markets , The Queens Staircase , The changing of the Guards , The statue of Columbus , sample a variety of native dishes and more .Tour includes airfare , transportation to and from hotel in Nassau , hotel accomodation , sight-seeing tour of Nassau and Paradise Island and Sea World .


Discover Freeport / Lucaya in a day . This , The Bahamas' second city is situated on the Island of Grand Bahama , which boasts of luxurious hotels , casinos , Port Lucaya shopping center , the world famous International Bazzar , Town centres , open - air fruit market, straw markets , Million Dollar Homes , beautiful white beaches , Garden of the Groves , schools , harbour , airport and much more . It's definitely an unforgettable experience . Tour includes airfare , transportation to and from hotel in Freeport , hotel accomodation , taxes , sight - seeing tour of Freeport / Lucaya and The Garden of the Groves


Steel away to a cay for a day . Rum Cay offers miles of beautiful white sandy , deserted beaches , rolling green hills and azure waters . Once inhabited by Lucayan Indians , Christopher Columbus made his secound stop in the New World at Rum Cay , giving it the name Santa Maria de la Concepcion . Settled by Loyalist planters during the 18th century , Rum Cay was once famous salt and pineapples . Engraveings which have been found in caves on the island , appear to be the writings of th native indians of that era . Port Nelson , is the island settelment and boasts of it's resort cottages , guest houses , shopping centre ,Old World Charm and rich historical past . "Rum Cay " 30 square miles of untold beauty . Vision - "So small" but yet "So all alone". Tour includes:- Airfare , Guided tour of historical sites , ample time for shopping and leisure pursuits.


A cluster of small islands and cays surronding two major land masses, from Walker's Cay in the north to "Hole-in-the-Wall" in the south , a boomerang-shaped island of Little Abaco and Great Abaco are collectivley known as Abaco. Once settled by Loyalist Families who came from Colonies in the late 18th Century.In more resent years Tourism brought a measure of prosperity to these islands widely known as the "Sailing Capital of the World" and "Boat building capital of the Bahamas".Yet quaint villages are still found on many of the cays ,visiting these "Doll house towns"is described as "Transport into a previous century".Sandy coves,beautiful beaches,resorts,golf courses,museum,active night life,shopping centres and neat colonial cottages are characteristic of dozen of Abaco's settlments . Rich in centuries of old history, the native inhabitants still reflect much of the charm of those early years."ABACO!" One of the many beautiful islands in the Bahamas.Tour includes:-Airfare , sight-seeing tour,ample time for shopping and leisure pursuits.


Tiny group of islands and cays seperated by a narrow ocean passage.Bimini is located 50 miles east on the end of the Golf Stream with the Great Bahama Bank at it,s back door.Bimini, renown for it's game fishing has earned its nick name "Gamefishing capital of the Globe".It offers resort hotels,museum,shopping centres,exciting nightlife, straw markets, beautiful beaches an dblue green waters . Visit the posible location of the Fountain of Youth,Hall of Fame,blue holes,ruins of World War I ship and underwater "Wall" 1800 feet long built of massave stones , is alleged to be part of the lost continent of Atlantis.Alice Town is the most populated of all the settlements.Enjoy a native lunch at one of the island's fine restaurants as you look beyond quiet fishing boats and magnificent deep blue waters.Tour includes:- Airfare ,sight-seeing tour , ample time for shopping and leisure pursuits.


Walk the shores or stand in the footsteps of one of the greatest adventures, Christopher Columbus. In one day you to can discover a new world in San Salvador. On October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus Knelt and kissed the ground claiming the land for Spain.This opened the door to the "New World" known as Guanahani , it's name was changed to Watlings Island , the secret headquaters of Captain George Watlings a famous Buccaneer.The legeslature of 1925 formally renamed the island San Salvador as proclaimed by Columbus.This beautiful island ,12 miles long and 7 miles wide with Cockburn Town as its capital, is almost undiscovered.Discover 2000 feet of beautiful unspoiled pink beach and miles of white sandy shores.Explore the relics of slavery at Black Beard's Castle , a cattle through hew out of solid rock , candle powered lighthouse , caves,Columbus' monument, Watlings Castle.See Bahamian artifacts at the New World Museum and more.Experience the tranquility of being in paradise.Tour includes:- Airfare ,guided tour of historical sights , ample time for shopping and leisure pursuits.


Enjoy a day on a historical hideaway,"Cat Island".View the whole island from its highest point some 206 feet above sea level.Explore the rolling hills cliffs,plantation ruins,dense forest ,caves and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches.This island ,one of the loveliest and most fertile in the Bahamas is named after British sea Captain Catt. Cat Island flourished from the arrival of Loyalists in the 1780s untill the late 19th century. Here the natives danced to the rhythm of "rake and scrape", music of the island ,Pre-Columbus artifacts from the original inhabitants , the Arawak Indians can still be found in caves on the island. Explore "Como Hill" plantation ruins , settlements,Columbus Point and much more .Discover a place where natural beauty capture and enthrall you.Tour includes:- Airfare ,guided tour of historical sights and ample time for shopping and leisure pursuits.


"See it all in a day".Long and narrow Long Island offers 80 miles of contrasts from rolling hills and rocky cliffs to flat salt fields fromruins of cotton plantations to modern resort,hotels ,ancient villages and beautiful beaches. At the end of the 18th century , Loyalists planters and there slaves made the island prosperous.Plantations are in ruins, but agriculture is still very much of the natives' lifestyle. Prosperity continued in the form of the salt industry and tourism.Clarence Town is considered the prettiest settlement on the island. With pastal houses around a blue lagoon "simply breathtaking!"Explore Deadman's Cay Cove , Conception Island ,Dunmore's Cave,Plantations,Salt Ponds and other ancient sites.This island will intrigue your imagination!Tour includes:- Airfare ,guided tour of historical sights and ample time for shopping and leisure pursuits.

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